About us

In the very heart of Baščaršija (Old Town) is located the most unique, colorful, artistic and heartwarming office. Basically, we started with a small idea of introducing the forgotten art concepts in Bosnia and Herzegovina through unique tour guiding process. Our idea was rapidly welcomed and recognized by tourists from all over the world.
Art and Tours Sarajevo is a company that deals with promotion of art and tourism in Sarajevo. It organizes visits to the tourist and artistic locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a bond between tourism and art in this country. Art and Tours is providing more than 20 available tours all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Furthermore, the very first company dealing with workshops. Members of our team are local artists and official tour guides. Our specialty is our staff. Tripadvisor comments prove who we are. A team of creative people!

Contact information

Please contact us if needed in one of the following ways.

Phone number
+387 (61) 529 157
Email and Mail
art.and.tours.sarajevo@gmail.comĐulagina 2, Sarajevo 71000