Street Art
Walking Tour
Everyday at 1pm and 6:30pm
11 locations
    The tour includes
    Roses of Sarajevo
    ‘Memory of the Past’ mural
    Perrot Art building
    Art Roses
    Cancer mural
    Academy of Fine Arts
    Sticker art
    Festina Lente
    Mr. Chat (yellow cat)
    Davorin Popovic mural
    Remembering Srebrenica Mural

Sarajevo has a strong subcultured street art scene. Historicaly, after the 1995 siege of Sarajevo, the city was 95% damaged and remained depresively uncolored. The first color ‘renaissance’ was actually provided by street artists through street art, graffiti scene and various murals. Every picture on the wall describes our society and the city itself. Different interpretions, various expressions and many colored areas will be met on the tour. Let’s see Sarajevo through a unique perspective guided by local artists and certified tour guides.

Join us on this cool street art tour!

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