Coppersmith Handicraft
Everyday at 10am and 1pm.
4 locations
    The tour includes
    Coppersmith art street
    Coppersmith shop
    Ministry of ‘Ćejf’
    Kovači ‘mahala’

In this tour/activity/workshop we will learn more about Sarajevo’s traditional crafts and art history. One of them is of course the coppersmith art, as the oldest art expression and art production in Sarajevo, derived from 15th century.

Therefore, we will meet with our local coppersmith artist and with his help make a small and unique souvenir for you to take home. 🙂 Coppersmith is an old name for a craftsman, who designs or modifies jewelry and small ornaments of silver. This craft is, in fact, a kind of art since small ornaments are made where inventiveness, skill and precision are needed. Earlier, hand tools were used and the work was done mostly by hand. Contemporary technology for the processing of materials and decoration making has recently been used. The coppersmith artists also use various types of precious stones in their work.

The most common products of these handicrafts are jewelry, such as souvenirs, coffee pots, rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. Make your own souvenir out of copper with a help of a local artist! How cool and original is that?

Let’s be creative!

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